2022 2nd International Conference on Shipbuilding, Ocean Engineering and Power Machinery (SOEPM 2022)
EI Conference Proceeding

Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering
Innovative Ship and Engineering DesignMarine Communication and Technology
Digital ShipbuildingIntelligent Control of Ship Steering System
Floating Storage Regasification DeviceControl Method Based on Fuzzy Neural Network
Innovative Design of Ship Engineering FacilitiesShip Automation
Liquefied Natural Gas and Electric ShipsShip Design and Naval Engineering
Research, Development and Technology Development of New Energy Ocean Engineering
Ships and EngineeringMachinery and Control
Virtual Working/Learning EnvironmentMarine Internal Combustion Engine Performance
Ship Design and Shipbuilding EngineeringUnderwater Acoustic Engineering
Design Guide for Effective Aerodynamic Interface of ShipsUnderwater Acoustic Detection and Countermeasure
Research on High Performance Ship TypeAdvanced Test of Ship and Ocean Engineering
Multi-hull Ship TechnologyAutonomous Underwater Vehicle Technology
Integrated Navigation Performance of ShipsSensor Design and Data Fusion
Ship StructureApplication of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Automation and Control of Ship SystemOpen Source Robot
Hydrostatics, Hydrodynamics, Structure and ArrangementIntelligent Navigation
Shipbuilding Technology InnovationShip Outfitting and Special Machine
Autonomous and/or Automated SystemsThe Application of AIS in Navigation
Design VisualizationShip Electrical and Communication
Research and Development of Marine Engineering Technology and EquipmentApplication of Advanced Information Technology in Shipping and Engineering

Ship Design for Liquefied Natural Gas, Chemical Industry and Dangerous Goods

Underwater Technology and Equipment for Marine Resources Development

Power Machinery
Heat EngineThermal Machinery
Hydraulic and Hydroelectric MachineryFluid Machinery
Wind Power MachineryElectric Motor
Ydraulic MachineryHydraulic Machine
Pneumatic MachinerySolar Engine
Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Power MachineryEngineering Thermophysics and its Automatic Control
Thermal TurbomachineryVehicle Engineering
Thermal Engineering and Automation of Power PlantRefrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering
Hydropower Power EngineeringThermal Power Plant Project
Modeling and Simulation of Power Machinery

Manuscripts reviewed by experts from the conference organizing committee will be accepted and published on conference proceedings. The published papers will then be submitted for EI, SCOPOUS. Authors are assured of quick and accurate indexing.